Terraria Trailer Shows Off Console Game, Hints At New Content

< id='article_intro_ag'>We learned in September 2012 that the indie PC hit Terraria is due for an Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release, and now a new trailer shows off how the open world 2D side-scroller will look. Also be sure to look for some on-screen text at the end of the trailer hinting at new content to come. None of that content is shown, but hey! Promises! It’s easy to look at Terraria and classify it immediately as a 2D take on Minecraft. The comparison isn’t totally inaccurate, but the two games are designed to offer fundamentally different experiences. I think the best way to break it down is: Minecraft is a toy with a game wrapped around it whereas Terraria is a game with a toy wrapped around it. Neither is better than the other in my own opinion, but they’re both pretty fantastic. Look for Terraria on consoles… eventually. No word yet on a release date; the trailer promises that it’s "coming soon."