Skyrim Subjected To A Conan O’Brien Review, Hilarity Ensues

< id='article_intro_ag'>Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer review segment is rapidly turning into a weekly source of joy, as you’ll no doubt agree when you watch the latest episode’s up-close look at Skyrim. I think Conan himself says it best right at the start: "There’s a problem already with this game– way too many choices." Hear that, Bethesda? Conan really seems to be getting the hang of this GAMEZ JOURNALIZM thing. He immediately picks up on the racist connotations in the name of the Skyrim city of Whiterun. He also zeroes in on the flawed logic behind criminal behavior in the game, when he’s rewarded for tormenting a chicken with a blade through the belly. Just hit play. This is much better comedy than the 98,433,984,216,743 "arrow in the knee" jokes you could be watching instead.