Review: ‘Butter’ is hardly the high-priced spread

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Having a taste for "Butter" depends almost entirely on whether you find the comedy of condescension and ridicule a hoot or a very cheap form of amusement. This satire on self-righteous, homily-spewing Red Staters and the cutthroat world of butter carving trades almost entirely on making jokes at the expense of others, most of all an obsessed, venal woman who could pass as a kissin' cousin to two prominent female Republicans of the pre-primary season ("Butter" was made in 2011). Decidedly not a critics' picture, "Butter" brandishes the sort of snide humor that plays well with a large public, but a fair slice of that audience could well be put off by the whiff of agenda that's hard to miss. This odd film, which was debuted at last year's Telluride Film Festival, has a commercial shot but a rather long one that will put any and all marketing wizards involved to the test.