Diablo 3 Barbarian God-Mode Exploit Found

< id='article_intro_ag'>A Diablo 3 God mode exploit for the Barbarian class has been discovered. The bug’s been found only a day after users found and abused a similar bug that made Wizards completely invulnerable. The Wizard God-mode exploit took Blizzard almost an entire day to fix, and players were even live streaming their experiences of taking out some of the hardest content the game had to offer without even breaking a sweat, or the bank, for once. NEWS: Blizzard CEO Addresses The Diablo 3 Fan Community The Diablo 3 Barbarian bug isn’t as godly as the Wizard bug, since it doesn’t render the Barb invincible. Instead, it allows him to get 8 percent of his HP back with every hit. The effect continues until the Barb dies or until he uses Furious Charge, according to YouTube user MetaSerge. Check a video out of him farming with the bug below. If you want to try the bug out for yourself, you can find the (extremely simple) steps on the official Blizzard forums. However, keep in mind that users on there are commenting that the bug only works in Act 3 and for some people it isn’t even working at all. As of this posting, Blizzard have not commented on the bug and they have not deployed a hot fix for the issue yet either. We’ve reached out to them and will let you know when we’ve heard back. Read More?