< id="article_intro_ag">Josh Hutcherson , Shanley Caswell , Joseph Kahn | | DVD GET THE DVD In this genre-bending slasher flick, a high schooler gets slapped with detention on the same night as senior prom. But plenty of other kids will also be misJoseph Kahn is a cinematic madman. I adore his previous film TORQUE- it is an underrated action movie deconstruction that actually works as the genre it is taking to task. DETENTION has scenes that absolutely blew me away, but I do recognize that it isn’t made for everyone. Having said that, not making a movie for EVERYONE should really be applauded. Most movies are predictable and generic, but those terms could NEVER be used to describe DETENTION.

The acting is top notch- seriously all of the kids are great (and actually LOOK like high school kids) The football coach is played with sublime genius by James Black.

Seriously, if you love cinema, you owe it to yourself to see DETENTION. If you are uncertain about it, rent it. But if you appreciate a visionary director going off the deep end- making a comedy/horror/I-don’t-want-to-spoil-it/Can’t-even-describe-it masterpiece, then this is a must own disc. I only hope there are commentary tracks galore. sing the big event when a past-her-prime prom queen shows up to slay them.