Deadpool Game Written By Deadpool Comics Writer

< id='article_intro_ag'>High Moon Studios announced its work on a 2013 action game based on Marvel Comics’ Deadpool character at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, and a new press release now confirms that Marvel Comics’ own Daniel Way is penning the game’s story. Way has been with Marvel since 2002 and Deadpool is one of the characters he’s closely associated with in the comic books world. The new press release is marked by the same sense of humor that we’ve seen already in the Deadpool reveal trailer and the game’s official website. For those who aren’t familiar, Deadpool is Marvel’s wisecracking gun-for-hire and sort-of-occasional-hero. He’s known for frequently breaking the fourth wall by way of the two voices in his head that he’s in constant conversation with. Having Way on board for the game is a big score, since so much of Deadpool’s appeal grows out of the writing. Given all that, you should probably hit the jump to read the full, hilarious press release. Read More?