Cyberpunk: CD Projekt RED Details Its Sci-Fi RPG

< id='article_intro_ag'>CD Projekt RED, creators of critically acclaimed RPG series The Witcher, have dropped some details on its next RPG, sci-fi game Cyberpunk. The game is based on the pen-and-paper role-playing game of the same name, and RED is planning on keeping close to the "endless-options" ethic of the source material. NEWS: Cyberpunk RPG Announced: CD Projekt RED Studio Taking You To A Gritty Future "We definitely want to give players way more freedom with customization of the main protagonist then they had with Geralt in The Witcher series," Marcin Momot Community Manager at CD Projekt RED, said in a fan-based Q and A. "We are planning on letting them change their statistics, equipment, implants and much more." Read More?