Borderlands 2 Nomad Enemy Gameplay Video

< id='article_intro_ag'>X-Play has an exclusive look at the latest Borderlands 2 enemy, the Nomad. Borderlands 2 has a bajillion enemies to counter the bajillion guns, but this baddie has his own style. Nomads are large, solitary baddies who, as their name suggests, get around. They’re some of the most advanced AI in the game thanks to their ability to take control of the battlefield. NEWS: Borderlands 2 Enemy Preview — Meet The Monsters Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version Nomads are not fans of midgets and can often be seen using them as human mutant shields. Gamers will have the option of simply taking out the Nomad, or freeing the midget, who will join the cause and help take the Nomad down. Borderlands 2 will be released on September 18, 2012.