Arma 2 Update Looks To Improve The DayZ Experience

< id='article_intro_ag'>Well here’s something you don’t see everyday: Bohemia Interactive, the developer of Arma 2, just released a v1.62 update for its military shooter that includes game tweaks aimed specifically at improving DayZ, the fan-made mod that turns the game into an MMO-like zombie survival sim. It’s a wildly popular fan-made mod, of course, and one that’s been recently responsible for boosting the sales of the 2009 release it goes with. You still don’t see stuff like this too often though. Bohemia’s Arma 2 patch announcement specifically states that the multiplayer optimizations in the patch ought to "make zombie hunts much less prone to crashes and should improve server stability." The update also adds new video options to the game as well as a bunch of new script commands for modders to take advantage of. You can check out the full list of changes and improvements in the readme file included with the patch.