Aliens: Colonial Marines Dev Diary Explores Movie Links

< id='article_intro_ag'>Gearbox Software might have Borderlands 2 on the immediate horizon, but a newly released dev diary from Sega offers a new look at how work is coming along on the studio’s other big upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. The February 12, 2013 release features a story set after the events of the first three movies, with up to four players taking on Xenomorphs in a variety of familiar locations. In the dev diary, studio boss Randy Pitchford, CCO Brian Martel, writer Mikey Neumann, and others discuss the links between the game and the films, particularly James Cameron’s Aliens. Colonial Marines is meant to be a direct sequel to that story, and so a lot of the inspiration for the design of the game comes from that classic sequel. You also get a look at some new gameplay footage, but this one will definitely be of more interest to the movie nerds.